Family Game Time


Our kids love family game time, but with their somewhat wide range of ages it can be difficult to find games that work for all of them.  We recently tried out the new game Zingo Sight Words and everyone loved it.  Well, Jack didn't actually play, but he did run the slider and help the girls locate their words the first time.  Since then, the girls have been playing on their own as often as I'll let them.  It's a great game for both of them to reinforce the sight words they already know and learn a few new ones too.

Clearly, we have been fans of Zingo for quite awhile.  We received this newest version gratis in exchange for our honest review and I'd say it's a thumbs up from everyone!

 {Where is Sock Monkey?, Blokus, Disney Hedbanz, Feed the Kitty}
As the weather is getting colder, we've been having more indoor game time and these have become our family favorites.  Some take a little more "help" for the youngest and some a little more "patience" from the oldest, but all are lots of fun for everyone.

We might just need to have some family game time tonight for EJ's 5th Family Day!
Blokus Fan said...

Happy Family Day EJ!!! Hard to believe 5 years already. Love you!

AEK said...

We're a Zingo loving house too! Don't have the sight words one though - C would love that.

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