In a Fog

I had surgery last week and while I was able to go to Thanksgiving dinner, I must admit that the last week has been a bit foggy!  Yesterday I started feeling a lot more like myself and went a little crazy with a full shower (I even shaved my legs), making dinner, and a craft project with the kids.  Of course there was still plenty of resting time (in between my humiliating walks around the neighborhood per doctor's orders).

Photos above (top to bottom, left to right):
1. I've been living in our borrowed recliner (I get to sleep there too) under a cozy blanket.  I'm on my second book and am finally reading the books I own while I can't get to the library to borrow new ones (yes, I have a library book habit).
2. I sent this pic to the girls before I went into my surgery.  They loaned me their Brave Bears that they earned for their awesome hospital stays post-surgery.  I've got some cool kids.
3. This is the gorgeous neck brace I now have to wear for the next six weeks.  It's really annoying, but nice to have my neck protected (I'm a little nervous about hurting myself).
4. EJ painted my toes after my shower this morning.  They certainly aren't perfect, but I'm not going anywhere anyway, right?
5. Straws are my life, but at least I'm drinking Diet Coke again.
6. Another glamorous part of my recoup time...compression socks.  I've been hiding them with yoga pants and slippers.

This week my Mom is coming to spend the week with us to help me out (Matt is traveling) and drive the kids to school.  I'm a little worried as the kids are pretty excited to have all this Grandma time (and Dad time last week).  I'm not sure they're going to want me back!
k said...

Oh, man! Your neck! :(

I hope you're healing up okay.

AEK said...

Glad to hear you are starting to feel like yourself. A shower does a world of good, doesn't it?! Be proud of your library habit, I know I am! Stay well my friend.

cyndi said...

I've been SO out of touch with moving & no internet -- I hate that I wasn't able to get you a little goodie box to have waiting for you after your surgery :-( I swear, I feel so out of sorts right now and feel like I have SO much catching up to do!

Glad you're feeling better & are able to have DC back in the regular rotation! I thin EJ did a great job on your toes -- wish she was here to do mine (I'm in BAD shape!)

Huge hugs!

Karri said...

sassy! i had to wear those stockings, too.

glad you're feeling more human!!

Janette said...

Hope you are feeling a little better and your recovery is speedy- enjoy the time reading :)

jessica said...

I hope you're feeling better, and healing nicely, Heather. I'm glad you're able to enjoy some good books and EJ's sweet pampering, just wish a neck brace {although you wear it quite well} didn't have to come with the package deal. Get Well Soon!

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