Random Thoughts

The lighting in our house has been terrible this week (really gloomy outside...see above pic), so you get random thoughts, no projects, and gross pics today!

Matt arrived home last night to a counter full of Stove Top and was a little concerned that I was starting us on an all stuffing diet for November.  Truth is, I hate stuffing.  But other people love it and need it for Thanksgiving and it was on sale for $1 at Target.  Go and stock up like I did and fill your food drive bins!

If you are local, go check out the Turkey Ticker.  Donate a turkey through Hunger Task Force and a local company is matching...so $15 buys two turkeys for hungry families.  Can't beat that!

The big kids' schools are also collecting money for Hurricane Sandy victims.  We gave them each a base donation, but also offered them a way to make additional money to donate.  They can sell us Halloween candy!  Can you believe they actually went for this idea?  Of course, Jack is trying to get me to buy things he doesn't like, but still.  I'm excited, because given how they have memorized everything they have, this is the only way I'm getting my hands on a 100 Grand!

The big news in this house is surgery prep.  Turns out I need a little surgery on my neck and then I'll be rocking the neck brace for quite awhile!  Good times!  Of course, this means I have completely flipped out with regards to:
-shopping for Christmas!
-finding boot to fit Jack (seriously, the kid's feet are huge & always growing)
-getting rides arranged for the kids during my "cannot drive" period
-tracking down a recliner (apparently, I'll need to sleep in one)
-getting a fundraiser taken care of before the meds kick in
-figuring out easy meals
-filling my wine quotient pre-surgery
-working on more complicated handmade gifts (saving simple patterns for downtime)
-shopping for wide-necked & button-down shirts
-determining what movies/shows my Mom & I should watch while she stays with me

I wore this lovely plaid/down vest combo to the grocery store this morning.  Perhaps the selections should be all 80s movies?  All John Cusack?

We showed the kids a montage of the "two dollars" bits in Better Off Dead and I don't think I've ever heard my kids laugh that loud!  I'm thinking it might be time for them (well at least Jack) to be introduced to some of my favorites!
emily said...

Neck surgery?! Sounds like you have some planning to do, but I hope that everything goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery!

AEK said...

WIll be praying for a steady recovery. So glad that your mom will be able to stay with you and help. I am glad that you have your priorities in line with your listing of drinking wine! Also love the idea of having the kids sell you their candy. So sad we didn't get a single 100 grand in our stash : (

Jackie said...

Lots of online shopping??? and you know your peeps in the hood can help you out with some of the rest of the stuff!! But I can see how this list could make you a little bit overwhelmed!! it sort of overwhelmed me for you!! Oh...and I vote girls wine night quick!! and you can borrow every button down shirt i have saved over the years...probably not many but i don't think i'll be wearing them!

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