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My friends Alyson and Karri have been posting each week as part of a 4 gifts series (want, need, wear, read).  Last week they did WANT and I must admit that it got me doing a little internet browsing/shopping myself.  It's fun to shop when you're not spending any money, right?  So, I thought I'd put together a virtual wish list of some of my fun finds.

I've had this crochet necklace on my actual wish list for awhile.  I love necklaces and how cute is that little hook and yarn ball?  (Just me? Yes, I'm a little obsessed.)
 {available at wear+art}

I love jewelry, but I realized recently that mine is seriously unorganized!  This would be nice to sort out my necklaces and some earrings too.  I am also in need of some sort of jewelry box with drawers to hold bracelets, but didn't come across anything I liked.  Really, I gift card to Charming Charlie's to add to the bracelet collection wouldn't be bad either!
 {available at urban outfitters}

I'm in love with this print...80s theme plus awesome design.  I'd love to add this to the wall of prints I've been imagining filling our downstairs hallway.
 {available at ReStyle}

This one may seem a little odd, but Tripoley is our go-to family game at the holidays with Matt's family.  Low money spent, kids can play too, and lots of opportunity for smack talking! It would be fun to upgrade from the green felt mat.
 {available at wizard woodworks}

I love all things red velvet...I've been wondering if I would love this red velvet cocoa since the moment I laid eyes on it (I already know I'd love the Dulce de Leche.).
{available at world market}

And last, but not least, I recently wore my favorite bridesmaid dress ever and am now on the hunt for similarly styled/shaped dresses, so I can continue being fancy.  I thought these two ModCloth dresses (lace & red stripe) were pretty awesome (if only I had a fancy Christmas party to attend).

{available at ModCloth}

That's enough Christmas dreaming for me.  It was fun to "virtual window shop" for awhile though.  What is topping your want list this year?
Janette said...

Now I want that necklace too... and the dresses... and the hot chocolate...

Unknown said...

Hi Heather! Did you link your post up on my blog? You totally should this Thursday. ;)
LOVE all of your list. That print is so cute. I have a similar one and actually LOVE that Etsy shop.

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