Fun of the Season...Quick pics edition

We visited Santa...our traditional spot with our favorite guy.  Best was that I finally got another great Santa pic to replace this one that has been on our mantle for the last couple Christmas season (yes, EJ is wearing Jack's old shirt & Liv is wearing EJ's...whatever works).

Best part of the visit was when Jack tried to talk to Santa while standing next to him.  Santa was having none of that action.  He pulled Jack onto his lap and told him he was not too old for that!  I love this guy!

We have seen awesome holiday choir, orchestra, and band performances at Jack's and EJ's school

Some performances even inspired dancing in the aisles by little sis...

This is the one nicely wrapped gift I did this season.  Bending over/reaching to wrap (and doing dishes) is torture on my back, so I haven't been to good about it this year.  Matt's graduation present was my one exception!

And I've spent the last two days baking (and then doing dishes) like a madwoman.  I've been super thankful for both my KitchenAid and my new & improved kitchen (last year at on this date I am pretty sure they were installing my cabinets).  On the agenda for the weekend is baking with the kids (I saved the decorating and more kid-friendly candies and cookies for them).
Don't give up searching said...

I heard the kids request macadamia nut cookies

AEK said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of Santa and Jack. So sweet and special. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Angie

Karri said...

I also adore that pic of Santa and Jack :)

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