Holiday on your Stovetop

We've had a lot of people helping us out with driving the girls to and from school these past few weeks and I needed to say a big thanks (in a small way).  I had thought about making cookies, but wasn't sure that was the best idea due to dietary restrictions, etc.  Then I saw this photo on my friend Tracie's instagram feed (my instagram page is here if you're interested in following) and was inspired to do some internet searching for a recipe I might be able to gift.

I combined a few recipes I found and came up with this:
1 orange (with a note to quarter it before use), 1/2 cup cranberries, 3 cinnamon sticks and 1T of whole cloves.  The instructions couldn't be simpler...put everything in a saucepan, add water (1/4-1/2 full), and heat on the lowest setting (add more water as needed).

I'm not sure how it will smell when it is cooking but the cinnamon and cloves made my kitchen smell amazing while I assembled them.  I added a hand-written recipe/thank you note and we were all set to deliver a little dose of holiday cheer.

AEK said...

What a great idea! Loved your Christmas card BTW. Was it all your instagram pics? so cute.

Jackie said...

Working on Christmas stuff most of the day today so I was thinking about putting it on just to make it more festive in here :) Love all those spices so I'm excited!

cyndi said...

What a fun idea & I bet it smells amazing! I bet everyone loved receiving such a sweet package.

Got your card yesterday & it's perfect! I took the multiple photo route this year too - took the pressure off of finding THE one good picture of the four of us (which, quite honestly, doesn't exist). Hope you have yours in the mail today so you'll soon see what I mean.

Hope you're starting to feel back to normal :-)

BeckyD said...

Hey! I did the same for teacher, etc presents- here are some more!!

~BeckyD :)

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