Sugar Trees

We've never had much luck with gingerbread houses (even the "easy" kits), so when I saw this easy idea for edible Christmas trees, I immediately put it on our to do list.  We've been kind of cooped up lately, so when we absolutely had to do a grocery run this weekend, I added cones, frosting and candy to our list.

We may have had some issues with tipping cones, "dripping" M & Ms, falling frosting cups & broken spreaders, but the kids worked super hard and the project was a bit hit (even in Mom's eyes)!

Of course, given that this was an edible project, the kids were most happy when they finished the project and started eating lots of treats!  Only Livie had the sense to quit before she ate the entire tree!
Great idea! said...

the last pic of EJ is awesome!

AEK said...

What a great idea! We also are a gingerbread house failure family. This looks doable.

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