Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

EJ loves Lilly (so much so that I made her this dress-up outfit a couple years ago), so she was super excited when our friends found out that there was a Lilly at Marquette University this month.  EJ dressed up for the occasion with special hair (she told me exactly what she wanted), her Lilly dress (which was a gift from Abbie & her mom), a yellow crown (a Christmas gift from Auntie Tracie), and even her red boots (she didn't care that they were way too small...just stuffed her feet in and was ready to go).

It was such a great play and really fun for both the grown-ups and the kids.  There was music every time Lilly opened her purse and they encouraged the kids to chair-dance.  EJ's favorite characters were definitely Lilly and Chester...although she loved the fact that a "grown-up" boy played Baby Julius.  EJ and Abbie had a lot of fun together for sure (being in different schools makes their girl dates even more fun).  They were even asked stand up before the performance to show off their outfits and crowns.  You better believe that was the first thing EJ told Daddy when we walked back into the house!

This was EJ's very first play, but we have another coming up soon (a special Christmas gift from Grandma) and EJ cannot wait!  She's already planning her outfit.
Jackie said...

Abbie can not stop talking about how much fun that was and all the silly parts of the play! She is insistent we go to another show with you guys soon!! (or at least have more girl time :) So glad we went!

Cool Event said...

the smile on EJ's face says it all!

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