We have a big family (my MIL has 10 grandchildren for goodness sake) and most of us live within 45 minutes of each other, but my two youngest nephews are too far away (well, that may just be my opinion, but I think it's true).  Over the holidays, my friend Cyndi posted about this custom memory game from Pinhole Press and I knew it would be the perfect birthday gift for my soon-to-be three-year-old nephew.  The game comes with 12 matched sets, so I used the school photos of all the cousins and added in Grandma and his aunt/uncles (on his mama's side) that are also far away.  I hope it is fun and helps him keep track of everyone as well.

The set is really nice.  The cards are thick and they come in that cute little box...great for giving and storage.  The pics I sent were (mostly) photographs of printed pics and the quality of the images is still really good.  I really love how it came out and was really impressed with the quality given the low price.  I can't wait to see what he thinks!
I'll Tell Everyone it was My Idea said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea! He will love it!

cyndi said...

Love that you got some of these & they turned out great! Seems like such a fun gift.

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