Re-entry can be difficult after any vacation, but we've had a bit of a rough one this time around.  We thought with a "buffer day" (Sunday) built-in to the schedule, that things would be smoother this morning, but we started the day with...

-multiple wet beds (which never happens anymore...and I washed the sheets yesterday)
-a broken iron (and a man with all day client meetings)
-an early train departure
-a brand new school schedule for Jack (he'll be in 4 different classrooms today)
-a dead car battery (which meant 2 girls were late for school)
-kindergarten registration (and a mad scramble for immunization records)
-a forgotten lunch

We've had much worse days, but we've definitely had smoother.  I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping the afternoon decides to behave!

I'm off to work off a little of the yummy food and drink I had last week the only way I'm allowed (walking on the old treadmill), but I'll be back soon to share pics from our week of family fun.
Karri said...

Nothing like a full-on dose of hectic!

What's up with Jack's schedule?
And what's an iron? lol.

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