Vacation, all I ever wanted

We spent last week on a family vacation in Mexico.  It was so great to spend time warm weather...unplugged and a family.  And it was also really nice to travel (for the first time) with no diapers or bottles or sippy cups or swim diapers...heaven, I tell you!

We spent a ton of time in the water.  The girls put a lot of miles on their life jackets this trip.  I think you can tell from the pics that EJ is the biggest water bug, but they all were in most of the week.  EJ even did a little aqua-aerobics (top right pic).

There were a lot of activities to keep us busy out of the water too.  The middle pic is Jack holding a geocache we found outside our hotel (yes, we're even nerdy on vacation).

Some of us even got adventurous at times.  That is Livie shaking her thing up on stage one night (top left), Jack rock climbing & zip-lining, and Liv posing with one of the stars of the dance show (EJ was in love with every second of the show, but too shy to "meet" the dancers).  There are a couple pics of Matt on stage & also singing poolside, but I was forbidden to post those shenanigans.

The kids all made some new friends as well.  EJ's buddy Albert chased her down to say goodbye and broke my momma heart.  Jack became fast friends with a group of brothers from Canada.  They actually live in the Niagara Falls area.  And yes, I beat that joke to death all week long!

If we wanted to see Jack in the evenings, we needed to be hanging in the gameroom (it's hard to pass up time playing air hockey, ping pong & foosball with your friends to hang with your sisters & parents).  Luckily we brought a lot of games for the girls & they were more than happy to beat us at them.

We've found that we're definitely more "pool people" than "beach people" (I'd say we're good for one beach day only), but Liv was really not too sure about the waves at all!

But Daddy worked some magic and waves hitting her feet (while in Dad's protective arms) produced some great smiles.

We didn't slow down too much, but we did take breaks from time to time.  EJ decided to take a poolside nap one day (at the main pool which is very loud) and that is Olivia sleeping in her chair at the restaurant table.  She slept from the time we ordered until our food arrived and then snapped right back into action.

Speaking of food, we definitely took time to eat!

The girls picked out silver bracelets as their souvenirs and Jack brought home a shark-tooth necklace.  The balloon animals didn't make it the week, but they were played with a lot while they lasted.

You've made it through a lot of photos (I swear, I only posted the highlights) and I apologize for the quality (my camera died about 3 days in, so it was iphone only after that).  Just a couple more snapshots of our family...and yes, the kids are already asking to go back.
Karri said...

It looks perfect!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos -- I can almost feel that warm Mexican sun. (Almost.)

AEK said...

The picture of Matt and Liv is perfect. A definite one to put in a frame! Love to see that you got in some of the pictures as well!

k said...

What an INCREDIBLE vacation! Oh man!

Jackie said...

Awesome! Can't wait til we can take our family vacation!!!

Emily said...

That vacation looks way fun! And too many cute photos to even mention. Glad y'all found some time to get away.

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