Weekend Projects

This was the scene at the dining room table as I made dinner Sunday night.  We had a three day weekend and in between a few playdates and outings/errands, the kids spent the bulk of the weekend working with things/kits they got for Christmas gifts.  Basically, the perfect way to spend time while the temps are ridiculously cold!

Jack filtered water

Livie made a bunch of perler bead creations with Matt

We visited The Domes...EJ decided to be a cactus

Liv opened an animal beauty salon

And the biggest news of all...Livie has no rails anymore!  She only fell out of bed about 3 times this weekend, so I'm considering it a victory.
Fun Family Craft Time said...

Livie was a pro with the perler beads. Must be that Montesorri dexterity from sowing buttons!

EJ's cactus cracks me up. Well done!

I'm intrigues with Jack's water purification experiment. Cool stuff!

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