Quick Quiz on a Snowy Day

We got a little snow last night and there is supposed to be some more coming this afternoon.  While I am actually out running errands today, I am thinking about being snuggled up inside the house.

So, some questions about days at home...

1. What movie must you watch whenever you pass it while flipping channels (even if you own it and have seen it 5000 times)?

2. What is your favorite treat food?  No matter what time of year, it's your go-to treat.

3. Slippers, blanket, or both?

4. Hot cocoa, hot toddy, or wine?

For me it's...Clueless, ice cream, both, and wine (or hot cocoa if it's before wine o'clock).

Stay warm this weekend!
AEK said...

1. Back to the Future 2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups/Ice Cream 3. Both 4. Hot Cocoa / Hot Tea with Honey.
Have a great weekend!

k said...

1. What About Bob.

2. Ruffles and french onion chip dip.

3. Socks and blanket.

4. Wine.

: )

Karri said...

1. Bring it On/Clueless/Fast Times at Ridgemont High

2. Gummy Bears

3. blanket

4. Wine (duh)

Jackie said...

1. Big Daddy, 50 First Dates, 40 year old Virgin
2. Used to be ice cream when I could eat it, but now I honestly don't have one anymore, SAD!
3. BOTH! All winter long!
4. Depends on the weather and time of day so hot tea or hot cocoa daytime, wine night time for winter.

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