Snapshots from a Monday

I've seen "day in the life" posts, but never done one myself.  My Monday was a fairly balanced day (now shoveling like today), so I thought I'd give it a try.  It still turned out pretty boring, but here's a glimpse into a typical Monday...

Breakfast of champions...banana bread & diet coke.  Everyone had been talking banana bread this last week and I had 3 pretty ripe bananas, so I made some bread Sunday morning.  Yum!  By this time of day, everyone is up, ready & eating, except me.  So I eat, throw on some clothes and we head out to school.

Three kids in three different schools.  I spend a fair amount of time each day right here.

9:30 AM
Unpacking the necessities from quick errands.  I got just a few food things from Target to get us by for a couple dinners so I could save my big grocery trip for later in the week.

10:30 AM
Therapy and exercise (as fast as possible) so I can make it out the door to pick up Olivia on time.

11:30 AM
Mom of the year...Liv gets lunch in front of the tv (lunch with "The Street") & I spend a half hour on the phone making dentist, doctor, & mammogram appointments for me and the kids.

12:30 PM
Quick lunch for me while I plan out a new project (yes, I bought out the felt department) for EJ's birthday.

1:30 PM
Shower and normal clothes for me...finally!  Of course that also means that the cords/electrodes have to go back on (uck!).

2:30 PM
In front of the tv (currently hooked on Brothers & Sisters on Netflix), beginning the other project for EJ's birthday...5th times a charm on this one (I hope)!

3:30 PM
Dance class for EJ!  Yes, I forgot it was dance day, so she wore jeans to school and class...I tight-rolled them for her at least.

4:30 PM
Back home for homework/reading.  Just below there feet is my laundry to fold while EJ reads (no one needs to see our undies) and then we moved it into the kitchen for dishwasher unloading.

5:30 PM
Dishes while dinner cooks...I was really just heating dinner in the oven, so it seemed like the perfect time to catch-up on the Sunday dishes that I had left to rot on the counter (so gross!).

6:30 PM
It's after dinner.  Livie is the last person at the table...staging a sit-in as usual.  I seriously don't know how this child keeps growing because she certainly never eats dinner.

7:30 PM
Waiting for Jack to get done with baseball practice.  I finished my other book (kids' books are quick reads), so I brought a new one.  Didn't start it though...too busy watching batting practice.

That's all the pics I have for the day.  The rest of the night included getting kids to bed, more crochet and my other Netflix habit, Freaks and Geeks (I feel like I have missed a lot of great series when they originally aired)...and no snacks.  I'm still being good about that, but man, does it suck!
AEK said...

Loved this! Will have to do this one of these days. Neat moment in time. Looking forward to hearing how you liked Fault in Our Stars. My 3 y.o. is the same at dinner time. So many times she sits down and then promptly gets back up saying "I'm not going to eat that." Oh, 3 year olds - they make me crazy!

Karri said... practice?

Love Liv's expression. he he.

How long do you have to wear those wires for??

Karri said...

P.S. I hate the captcha. I can never get it right and it takes me like 5 tries. Am I that blind?

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