Some thoughts on the week

-The boys got haircuts last night and at the last second I realized that Liv really needed her straggly hair cleaned up (big time).  I was shocked that she agreed to get hers cut as well at the "boy place" (and thereby missed out on a fancy bow and spray glitter), but she was down and she did a great job (and her hair looks so much healthier too).

-Which leads me to my next thought...we were all at the haircut place because my kids will drop whatever they are doing to go with Dad to get his haircut.  What makes them run for this outing?  A free sucker.  A Dum Dum actually, which is basically the cheapest sucker out there.  Mind you these are the same kids who still have Halloween and St. Nick's candy to eat (including the same suckers).  That doesn't seem to matter to them at all!

-Today is February 1st!  This makes me excited because it's my birthday month (as well as the birthdays of a couple VIP friends and my baby brother).  We're also starting Valentine's Day fun and have a lot of fun things on tap in general.  Yay!

-I've been eating my body weight in Anjou pears this week.  I love them in the salads I've been making EJ & I for lunch this week.  Don't worry, I'm not going all healthy on you or anything.  I've also eaten my body weight in the sour cherries shown above (I love them even more than pears)!

-I "graduated" from PT yesterday and I am so glad to be done!  I still have to do my exercises at home every day, but I won't be getting the deep tissue massages anymore.  Why am I excited about this again?  Oh yeah, no more crazy co-pays!

-I spent most of this week looking for an app that I could customize for EJ to practice sight words.  I have her lists, but it's only specific ones she needs to work on from the Dolch lists (and the next set is bigger words not on the lists at all).  In the end, I found one app that I could work with Sight Words by Photo Touch (it's free in the app store).  It's a little labor intensive to set-up but nothing too terrible.  The app has the set Dolch lists, but allows you to make custom lists as well.  You type in your words and record your voice saying the words with the word list.  The only big issue is that you need a photo to go along with your word or you don't see anything on the screen.  I typed the words into Word and then did a screenshot of each to use for the photos.  I will probably try to make them a little prettier in the future, but for now, EJ's screen looks like the pic above (yet another screenshot while she played yesterday).  The best part of the app is that you can record sounds for the positive reinforcement part.  So, every time EJ gets a sight word right, she hears me, Livie or Jack saying fun things like "Awesome!"

-Today Olivia is off of school, so after our volunteer gig, we're heading out to Grandma's house to deliver some GS cookies.  Liv is super excited to show off her hair and I'm super excited to see my Mom (it's been way too long)!
Seems Her Freckles Stand Out More Too said...

I didn't realize how long it was until she had it wet and straight. Yowzaa! She did such a great job. I might have to use dum dums for bribery.

AEK said...

My girls are the same way with the bank and their cheapo suckers. And there not even Dum Dums. They too have candy from Halloween and Christmas. Doesn't compute.

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