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Not too much craziness going on this week (just the normal amount), but I thought I'd share some random thoughts starting with the photo above.  On the way home from school, the girls spotted 10 deer right along the side of the road.  They were across the street from a river and we've seen one or two there before, but a pack of 10 was pretty spectacular.  We hung out until the crossed back towards the more protected side of the road and it was so cool to watch them!

EJ's birthday is coming up and after a couple of years of nothing, we agreed to a friend party this year.  She is so excited and so we have been planning away.  The always awesome nellie*design (check her out folks, she rocks) designed fun invites as well as a lot of extras.  We are hosting it away from our house (huge YAY from me on that one), so I don't have to do as much as usual, but am still shopping for some fun things for the favor bags.  I put out an APB for some cute (the perfect) crayons I could not find locally and luckily I was rescued by Alyson, Cyndi & Cathy.  Thanks gals!

I baked chicken breasts tonight.  I know this sounds like nothing to most of you, but I absolutely hate touching raw chicken.  Words cannot describe how much it disgusts me.  So sure, Matt had to move it from the packages to the pan, but I cut it up and shredded it (still can't get over the KitchenAid shredding trick...so easy)!  And now I have the chicken all ready for 3 recipes.  My family will be in shock!

Speaking of shock, I had to have an intervention with myself.  After surgery/recovery time, vacation eating/drinking, birthday & valentine's treats, and my wine o'clock habit, things were not good.  I am never at a skinny weight (and that is fine with me, because I like food and treats and drinks, and it's a price I'm willing to pay), but I was entering "not fitting in my pants" territory and that ain't good.  So...I have spent the week eating reasonably-sized meals, not snacking between meals, skipping dessert/no late-night ice cream, & forgoing wine/beer with dinner.  I'm not liking it so much!  Especially because I got a lot of treats for my birthday that are calling to me from the pantry.  Hopefully, I'll fit in pants again soon, so I can go back to my wicked ways (with a little more moderation).

I've been doing a new volunteer job at EJ's school the last few months.  I work in a (big) closet/storage room that everyone there refers to as "the Taj Mahal" (so you get the idea of how glamorous it is).  They worry about me because it's cold in there and I work on my own, but I have to be honest and say that I'm loving it.  I'm organizing books...what's not to love?  I like having volunteer gigs at both of the schools that are outside of the kids' classrooms.  It's nice to spend time there and have a chance to show your face and be connected to the teachers, but not crowd the kids too much.  Both of the big kids love having their private space at school.  It's fine for me to visit, but they don't want me in their way.

Last Saturday, the kids had a mini-session with the always awesome (very glad to call her friend) Robyn Vining/Ticklebugs Photography.  I love every single photograph!  I think I finally know which ones I'm getting to hang on the wall, but it was a tough call.  I never imagined that I would get so many images that I love this much.  If you're looking for photographs, Robyn is magic!

Finally, I don't know if I mentioned it here, but our washing machine took a dive two weeks ago.  We ended up having to buy a new one (which is fine), but it's on backorder until next week.  So, I've been putting in some time at the very conveniently located neighborhood laundromat.  It's actually nice to run 3-5 loads of laundry at one time and then dry them back at home.  I just wish I wasn't paranoid so I could leave the laundromat while the machines ran.  I heard way too many laundry room horror stories in college and I don't want to come back and find all my bras stolen from the machine (yes, that truly did happen).
Dorm Laundry Flashbacks said...

Nice deer pic! It's nice when our city mice get exposed to some country happenings.

The fact you even cut up cooked chicken is an act of bravery for you! I'm looking forward to reaping the rewards.

AEK said...

Oh the dorm laundry rooms. Definitely do not miss those days. What is the Kitchenaid shredding trick for chicken? Can't say I have heard of that one!

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