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Yes, I am aware that no matter how many sparkles I have on my flip flops, they are still rubber beach flips.  I know they are not fancy or cute or great for my feet, but I love them just the same.

However, since my spine surgery, I have been pondering what to do this summer.  My usual cheapo Flips have no support for my now healing back.  I also have a tendency to slip and fall (sometimes down flights of stairs) when it is wet outside because in addition to no support, they have no tread either.  But the thing is, I'm just not willing to give them up!  I don't want to wear shoes in the Summer (or the Spring or the Fall either for that matter).

So, I need your help, please.  Can anyone recommend flip flops that are cute (as cute as flip flops can get, I guess) but also might have some support and tread?  Please!
Jackie said...

ever look into fit flops? they're pretty comfy! not nearly as cute (or inexpensive) as cheap ones but they have to be stable...there are some good ones out there...check amazon or other discount sites! There are a few others but can't remember names right now...I'll get those to you!

They Better Do the Walking for You said...

The other day when I was looking at most expensive beers in the world, I came across this link:


For the price of a new car, they better have good tread!

Karri said...

I got yelled at by the spine care clinic for my flops. Here's what you need in a flip flop if you refuse to stop wearing them: they should only bend at the ball of the foot, they should have more of a shaped footbed (think: arch) and should be secure on your foot. Brands that she recommended are Chaco, Clarks, FitFlops, Walking Company,
Also (ahem), you should never wear them at a time when you should instead be wearing sneakers...like longer than a few blocks. If you can't handle encasing your toes, find a happy medium, like a Keen.

Sandy Ploy said...

Oh, you are speaking my language. The ONLY thing to get are FIT FLOPS. http://www.fitflop.com/womens/womens_sandals,en_US,sc.html

I can not say enough for my love of them!


Sandy Ploy said...

ps - to try some on locally, try GOLDIs - naturally.

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