Frame Your Earrings

My niece recently turned 8 and on her wish list was earrings (she is the first of the cousins to get her ears pierced, so it's a pretty big deal).  I went a little crazy browsing post earrings on Etsy.  There are so many cute styles for kids (the ones on the top left look like Oreo cookies!), but I eventually reeled it in and just got her a few pairs (the earrings above are from Tizzalicious and Aquarian Mind).

I had also seen some great earring holders that looked like picture frames while I was browsing, but they all seemed too grown-up and adult.  So, I decided to make one myself.  I purchased a plain wood frame (unfinished, post-stand, one dollar) from the craft store.  Then I painted it with some silver acrylic paint I already had and finished it with a purple glitter acrylic I bought at the same craft store.  The letters were pre-painted with the cute designs (craft store as well) and just waiting for me to hot-glue them to the frame along with the bow (ribbon from my stash).  The final thing needed was the plastic mesh for inside the frame.  I found a really fine mesh option in with the larger plastic canvas, and it was the perfect size for earring posts.  I hot-glued it in the frame and then used the backing posts (the metal brads that bend in the back of the frame opening) for support.

I think I spent about $4 for the entire thing and it was a great way to gift her earrings in a fun package (with plenty of room to add more to her collection).  Now if only I was better with a hot glue gun (says my burned fingertips and the gloppy ribbon)...
AEK said...

This is a really cute idea and one I will have to remember when M gets her ears pierced. So far she hasn't asked and neither have I!

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