Snow Day!

It's been such a weird Winter this year.  While I truly appreciate the snow and then warm streaks immediately after, it's not the norm around here.  It is nice not to have the dirty snow hanging out for weeks (and making everything depressing), but it makes your snowman get a little bendy the next day.

Here he is pre-melt (and from the other side)...

The kids had a snow day (I'm still not sure exactly why as the snow wasn't that bad), so they got some outside time in the snow.  EJ kept me company while I shoveled.  She made a fort, pretended she was a pirate captain, a baker, an artist, and a giant.  She cracks me up!  The kids also had a lot of fun with EJ's snow paint (gift from Grandma).  Matt thinks the snowman looks like a crime scene.  I think it looks like a snow cone.

I've been working a bit on the basement again (the clean-up project that never gets done) and Jack helped me a bunch during Liv's nap time   We were able to clear enough space (ignore the background, I cropped it for minimal embarrassment  that the girls now have an indoor space to blow off some steam as well this Winter.  So far, no injuries!

Def Not My Best Snowman said...

The colored snow paint was so simple yet such a great toy for them. They loved it.

I think the kids are feeling couped up. They are ready for spring so they can play outside more. Bring on the warm weather!

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