Three Piggy Opera

Yesterday, EJ's kindergarten class performed the Three Piggy Opera for family, friends, and the rest of their school.  They did a great job and I was really impressed.  They sang all the action and I loved that EJ's friend who played the Big, Bad Wolf could not stop grinning (just like he always does).  Not very intimidating, but super cute.  It seems a million years ago that Jack was doing a kindergarten performance featuring some little piggies, but it was fun to be back watching a new kindergartener strut their stuff.

We were very surprised to walk in and see that our girl was one of the piggies.  For the last month or two, we have heard her talk constantly about her role as the big, bad wolf.  She knew all the songs, she would show us how to approach each house, and of course, how to blow them down.  She told us all about how there were so many kids in her class, that there were 3 narrators (true), a family of pigs (true), 3 pigs in houses (true) and 3 wolves (not so much).  Turns out that she wanted to be the wolf so much that she invented a story about being the wolf.  I think in the end, she may have even believed she was the wolf.  I mean, she had me send her to school in all grey and black for her wolf costume (luckily she had hot pink pants in her extra clothes box at school).  In the end, she was proud of her role as the little sister pig and we had a lot of talks about telling the truth.

And last, but not least, the opera was a big event for me as well.  It marked my first couple hours of living without the electrode machine.  I had joked that I was going to wear all my necklaces "Mr. T-style" to mark the occasion, but instead went simple.  I still feel a little like I'm just breaking the rules versus being off the machine for good, but I'm excited just the same!
Is Livie next for 3 little pigs? said...

I feel like we should have a huge party so celebrate your graduation from the machine. Woo hoo!!

EJ was very cute, i loved how she sung loud enough for everyone to hear her voice.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't EJ the cutest little piggie I ever saw. Wish I could have seen you do the recital. Maybe you can do a couple songs for me on Sunday.
AND...YEAH !!!!!! Glad you are FINALLY free of those electrodes. Must feel like a breath of fresh air.
Love ya, Mom

AEK said...

So cute. So happy for you on getting those electrodes off for good. Here's to a continued road of good health. Happy Easter to you and yours!

far from harm farm said...

I was going to ask if you knitted EJ's cardi, and I was going to say, hey your hair looks great long, and of course, isn't EJ the cutest piggie ever!, but oh my! congrats on being off the electrodes.

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