We All Scream For...Frozen Yogurt!

My girl turned 6 last week (I'm still in a bit of shock) and we had a birthday party for her friends at our favorite frozen yogurt shop.  She hadn't had a friend party in a couple years, so she was thrilled to plan this one with me.

I truly believe every good party begins with the invitation and we knew just who to call for the perfect invite!  My good friend Nellie, the creative genius behind nellie*design, dreamed up these fun invitations, matching thank you notes and favor tag bags.  I found some cute ice cream coloring pages (free printables) on the web and stuffed them into the favor bags along with ice cream-themed crayons, a Dum Dum sucker bouquet (EJ's favorite treat) and cotton candy cones (inspiration here).  I'd like to say thanks to Alyson, Cyndi & Cathy for tracking down the crayons on my behalf.

EJ had the perfect outfit for her big day starting with an awesome custom #6 tee from another talented friend, Karri of Green D Designs.  I found a cute party hat hair clip at a local boutique and the neapolitan skirt & ice cream cone knee socks at Target.  Super cute and she felt so special too!  The cake was done at our local grocery store bakery.  They cut an actual ice cream cone in half to create the cake decorations.  The colors they used were all her favorites as well.

The kids had a lot of fun coloring t-shirts to take home, playing games (which Matt made up on the fly to fill downtime), touring the backroom & walk-in cooler.  EJ even got to pour one of the flavors into the machine and everyone took a turn with the dish sprayer.  And of course, they each created a gigantic frozen yogurt sundae!

In place of gifts, EJ asked her friends (most of which were classmates) to bring a book to donate to their classroom library.  The teacher reads to them every day after recess and I think it is EJ's favorite part of the day (especially recently as they've been reading the Little House series).  Nellie created these great bookplate stickers and each child wrote their name in the book or books that they donated.  It was special for EJ to deliver her gifts to the classroom and I think it will be special for each child to see their contribution to the class as well.

The party was a huge success!  And it's always great when you can leave the mess outside of your house too.  Our next friend party will be for Jack's 10th...I'm thankful for the 6-month waiting period before double-digits.
Karri said...

Super super cute!!!

Yeah. I am not ready for 10.

Time Flies By said...

What a wonderful birthday! Thanks to Mom for planning all of it. Happy Big 6 EJ!

AEK said...

What a neat party place idea. I will have to remember that one. Love how everything tied in together SO well. Great job, Heather! And very happy birthday wishes to the birthday girl!

far from harm farm said...

hello there, it's been too long since I stopped in. i love EJ's birthday party from the invites right down to the books for school. fantastic! happy birthday!!

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