Brewers Cookies

Sometimes your schedule for the week is crazy, the weather is rainy, and all you want to do is nap.  But then your kid asks if you can make a treat for his class for his Big Cheese week (kind of a student of the week thing) and somehow you make something you know he'll be excited to share with his friends.

I've posted about these Rainbow Cookies before and once made them Tiger Cookies for EJ's birthday.  This time we went with retro Brewers colors (our favorite baseball team) and, while they were a pain to dye (my hands are still Smurf blue), they came out really cute.  I'm giving myself bonus points for having the dessert napkins hidden away in the basement.
Can you say "AWESOME!" said...

How cool are these!!!!

AEK said...

Very cute. Love it when a recipe is versatile like that! Have a great weekend.

Jack said...

It was not that busy that week.

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