Great Strides 2013

Great Strides is here and we are once again thrilled to be leading the Ella's Elite team in our city.  The walk is on May 19th and we would love it if you could donate or walk with us that day!

Ella is my friend Lindsay's daughter.  I just realized I have known Lindsay for almost 20 years and though we now live on opposite sides of the country, we share a common thread in our 9-year-old kiddos.  Lindsay is an amazing momma and is a champion for her daughter, Ella.  They fight Cystic Fibrosis together each day, so that Ella can go on being an amazing kid!

Ella has swallowed over 90,000 pills in her short nine years of life... and spent over 6,000 hours doing breathing treatments... that works out to over 250 DAYS of her life, so far, she's had to give up in this fight.

I don't know about you, but I think that is too much time!  Enough is enough...but funding is needed for a cure (and new treatments) to be found.

Please click here...learn more about CF, watch an awesome new video Lindsay made about Ella, sign up to walk, and if you can...please give generously!!!