Happy Easter!

The bunny went a bit crazy this year (he tends to bring more stuff than candy).  The big hits were sidewalk chalk, knee socks, mouthwash (I know, weird, right?), and fun t-shirts.  But this year the bunny made them work for their baskets with a trail of clues for each of them.

They started at the bunny trap they set for him (carrots at the back of a plate of brown sugar so there is no way for him to go but through the sugar) and found the starter set of clues.  EJ was also really excited because the bunny used her new, fancy-edged scissors to cut the clues (well, half-excited, half-annoyed).  They had about 5 clues each which ended at their baskets and they were so good about helping the other kids with their clues and then everyone went through their baskets together.

Then we headed over to my Mom's house for an awesome Easter brunch with the family.  I both love and hate how bug the kids look in this photo.  When did all this growing happen???

This week we're attempting to do at least one fun thing a day (even if it kills me).  What's a Spring Break without exhaustion really?  Of course we also have doctor visits and clothes shopping and school projects, but there will also be fun and candy!  Hope everyone has a great week!
Emily said...

Those are some good baskets the bunny left!

Clue Giver said...

That Easter Bunny is very generous!

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