My Kind of Mom Necklace

{photo courtesy of J4J Charms}

I'm wearing necklaces again and am wishing for more options.  Specifically, I'd like to update my Mom necklace that I wear almost every day.  I my current necklace, but I've had it since EJ came home and I think something lighter and less jingly and

I love the necklace shown above from J4J Charms.  You send in a scan of your child's name written by them and they create the charms.  I would love this with the charms in 3 different shades of the same color (blues would be gorgeous).  I think the handwriting aspect would be really fun too!

{photo courtesy of burnish}

I know I just said I wanted to avoid jingly necklaces, but I love this simple style.  Tiny initials for each kid and I really like the gold charms (and I'm not usually a gold girl either).  I think it would be beautiful on a short gold chain.

{photo courtesy of bel kai designs}

I've mentioned this gorgeous necklace for adoptive mommas before, but hadn't seen the Guatemala version.  I really love this necklace, but I wouldn't wear as a mom necklace.  I would love one that says...a piece of my heart.

{photo courtesy of Modern Chromatic}

You're probably wondering how this ampersand necklace made it into my mom necklace round-up.  It's actually my favorite.  I love how simple it is and the beauty of the curves, and I love that it isn't a traditional mom necklace, but says everything about what family is & you & you & you...

Those are my favorites (kind of a mini wish list), but I'm wondering if you've seen any fabulous necklaces lately.  What necklace (or other goodies) are you wishing for this Mother's Day?
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Oh! I love all of them! It would be hard to choose.

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