"Special" Teacher Gifts

Does your school do Teacher Appreciation Week?  My son's school goes all out!  The first year we were there I was shocked at how much they do in one week for our school staff, but now it just seems like what we do every year in May.  My daughter's school is not yet as into the week, but we're starting to amp things up a bit this year for the main classroom teachers.

We have some other teachers in the school though, like art, music, gym...the "specials" teachers, and I wanted to make sure they didn't get lost in the shuffle this year (we are a very new school), so I started putting together these little buckets for them.  Originally, I had just the highlighter, post-its and gum, and had planned to use the following note/saying.

To a special teacher:
I'm so thankful you popped up in our school.. You light up our days and make class time sweet.

Of course I found more great things to add, including the pencil shown here and these adorable lemon slice soaps (and I'm sure I'll find more).  So now I'm not sure if I'll stick with the cutesy saying or just stay more simple... You light up our class!  might be an option.

What do you do for Teacher Appreciation Week?  I'm in the thick of planning for all our schools and am really excited to show our teachers how much they mean to us!