Spring Breaking It

I'll begin and end with frozen treats (beginning with Yo Mama thanks to Grandma's Easter $) and the pics of the week will be out of order, but hopefully will give a glimpse into what we've been up to this week.  We also went to the doctor, took Jack to Grandma's for a few days, napped/rested (so mom could keep up with therapy & showering), tried on summer clothes, shopping for new summer clothes and more, but here are some highlights.

Public Museum

Discovery World & baseball exhibition

Work morning

Origami at the library

Brewers game

Zoo with some awesome cousins

Reading time

Outside time and new sidewalk chalk

Celebratory dinner with the girls at Il Mito

Clock Shadow Creamery with Grandma & Jack

I can't believe the week is almost over...this break went much too quickly!
No wonder the week went by quickly. said...

Lots of activities! I like how the kids wore "I Voted" stickers to discovery world.

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