Strawberry Shortcake

Someone turned 4 this week and her gifts from us were a Hello Kitty baseball glove and this Strawberry Shortcake costume.  I am happy to report that both gifts were big hits and that she knew right away that this was a costume (probably due to EJ's Isabella costume).  I based the outfit off the older style of Strawberry Shortcake because I think her outfit is easier to play in & less of a tween look. Basically just more appropriate for Livie's age.

The t-shirt and shoes are from Crazy 8, the sweater is from Old Navy, and the jeans & socks are from Liv's closet.  I made the hat (pattern from Evie & Bell) and used oval safety eyes for the seeds (inside ends sanded by Matt so they aren't pokey).

I love how the hat and the costume came out.  The whole thing is very Olivia and I know she'll get tons of use out of everything.  Right now, both girls are sure they want to wear their costumes for Halloween...I really hope they feel that way in 6 months!
Her Faces Says It All said...

Creative, homemade gifts are awesome! You couldn't have done a better job with this one.

AEK said...

Simply perfect. So much awesomeness in these pictures.

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