Work-In-Progress Wednesday 33

I'm sick and lacking focus this week, so I'm kind of all over the map on crochet projects.  Haven't been working much on the new pillow (green), because it requires me to keep track of too many counts in my head.  Not happening with this head cold.  Started a baby one square done, liked it, put it down.  Again, too much thinking to start a new one and attach it to this one (pattern attaches squares as you go).  So, then I started a new summer hat for EJ.  During Spring break, the girls picked new colors for a few new hats.  Same pattern and size, just more options.  For as much as they've worn the original two, I think it's worth making them some spares (especially Livie, her pink hat is especially faded from chlorine & sun).  Didn't get too far...guess we'll see what the week brings.
AEK said...

Hope you feel better soon. Always love the colors you pick out. Such day brighteners!

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