Work-In-Progress Wednesday 34

Yep, I'm working in neon!  I found a great pattern for a skirt for EJ about a year ago and really wanted to make it, but just added it to Ravelry and moved on.  Then one of her friends wore the same skirt to school.  Extra incentive to start, but I still didn't.  Both versions were in pastels...maybe that was my trouble?  The new neons from Lion Brand Yarn have been catching my eye and I decided, why not?  Trouble is that I need to adjust the pattern a bit.  Which means I a) have to be brave and b) have to have EJ around while I'm working.  Neither has been happening lately, so progress is slow!

So, when I have had a second or two, I've been working on his flower pillow.  Or as Julie likes to call artichoke.  I really like it...I don't really like working on it.  Remember this poncho I made?  I didn't like not having moveable arms, so that yarn is now this pillow...recycle!

Anonymous said...

So, now you are going to work on your knitting skills? You amaze me with all the projects you do. I guess I'm at the age I don't want to rack my brain trying new stuff out.

heather said...

I just have fun doing them. Matt thought it was insane that I tore the poncho apart, but it was just fun to make, so...

And nope, that is crochet up above...just looks knit. I think it's too hard to fix your mistakes in knitting. :-)

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