Growing Fast

I dropped this girl off this morning for her last day of preschool...ever!  She and I are both a little sad.  Her preschool is amazing and after four years of taking the girls there, I will miss it very much.  I'm also a little sad, because this is my baby...heading to big kid school.  When the heck did time fly ahead???

On the flip side, I am loving every second of watching this girl become a kid.  She feels things deeply (which leads to her yelling & then apologizing...over and over), but she has so much passion for the things she loves.  I can't wait to see what she becomes as she grows.

So...this creative,

fire station-loving,

determined (she's trying to choose a color here & can't make up her mind),

always trying to be like the big kids,

willing to do anything to keep her Daddy close-by (that's his suitcase she's laying on),

"not tired" girl (she did finish her dinner first)...

ends one major chapter of life and heads off to new ones very soon!  She's excited...and to be honest, so am I.
Unknown said...

Aww! She is too cute. Reminds me SO much of my little sister when we were that ago. (she's a red head too) Big milestones!!

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