I'm loving it!

I've got a list for you today of all the things I'm been loving this past month.  This list starts with the awesome weather we've been having for the last week or so.  Unfortunately the nice weather made me realize that my old $2 flip flops were not going to cut it for my everyday running around anymore, so I finally bit the bullet and bought my new favorite flip flops in the world (modeled here by EJ).
They are Sanuk Serenity and made from yoga mats.  Really feels like walking on pillows (and I'd like to note that I wear them without the socks).

Another shoe related love is the big kids new non-lacing shoe laces...Lock Laces.  We decided to try something new (Jack has used Yankz in the past) and are now really glad we did.  These stay tight like the others did, but they also are more adjustable as you can move the circle up & down easily to loosen/tighten them.  Loving these on both Jack & EJ's new tennis shoes.

I've become a woman who doesn't leave the house without mascara...how did that happen?  I'm really not sure myself, but I love this Covergirl Clump Crusher in brown/black.  I must admit that I have pretty long and thick lashes, but I like a little help and I hate clumpy-looking lashes, so...  The other thing I can't leave the house without is sunscreen for my lovely scar.  We started using a stick on Liv's scar after her surgery (we used Aveeno as it was so close to her eye) and love how easy it is to apply, so I did the same but went a lot more heavy duty.  On really sunny days, I add a band-aid (hot, I know!).

I discovered that the kids LOVE books on CD in the car.  They all listen quietly and complain when it is time to take a break.  So awesome to listen to a story and no complaining or fighting or "they are touching me!"s!  Of course, I discovered this on the last day of a two week stint of commuting with the kids for 1.5 hours a day.  Not my smartest moment, but...we finally got back to reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (all 3 kids hadn't been home at the same time in a couple weeks) and Brooke Shields does all the reading for me now!

Olivia has been loving tape and paper and creating...big time!  So much so that she returned a couple of birthday gifts and used her gift card to set herself up with her own desk set.  Best purchase she's ever made as she uses them all multiple times a day.  She goes through a boatload of paper, tape and staples too!

What things are you loving these days?  Have you started counting down to summer like we have (first step, busting out the sandals)?
Karri said...

oooh. maybe books in the car will keep them from fighting!!!

aidan has those kind of laces in 2 of his keens. good call!

k said...

I am SO GOING to look into those Lock Laces. Thanks for the tip!

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