My Super Duper Mother's Day

I have some amazing kids!  And while I know that sounds like bragging (and biased given that they are mine), it was a tough road to end up with these three.  So now that I've got them, I try to ignore the crazy and the bickering, and focus on the awesome!  Yesterday, was definitely in the awesome category.  I was spoiled with amazing gifts, we went on a super long hike, all 3 meals were take out, and while the weather was cold, it was sunny.

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is kind of the same thing. They know the way to my heart.

Yes, this is their feet.  They make a new one for me each year and every year I am shocked at how big Jack's feet are!

They ran up this hill (this only shows half of the incline)...look closely for EJ on the left.

They just want to get to our late lunch, but indulged me for one photo.

I got the chairs I've been longing for (they are red, not pink)...yay, reading corner in the front yard!

And Jack turned me into a blubbery mess with his poem about me (this is just part).

Like I said, I was spoiled and I was thrilled to spend the day with these three (and their awesome daddy too).  Hope everyone's day was just was wonderful!
trish said...

such sweet and awesome kids! the feet painting is ingenious!

Unknown said...

So, so sweet! LOVE the card they made and all of those gift cards. You really do love ice cream don't you? My dad is coming this summer and I'm sure he'll make some homemade ice cream. I'll have to make sure to have you guys over or at least bring you some!

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