The Accidental Gardener

I've never been much of a gardener.  To be honest, I'm not a fan of bugs or getting dirty or remembering to water something every single day.  And weeding?  Don't even get me started.  Growing up, my Mom and Grandma shared their love of plants and gardening often.  While I spent my time passing out in hot greenhouses and telling them of my hatred for geraniums.  They had/have some mad skills when it comes to gardening.  I was not a model student.

Our house came with a big stone pot on the front stoop.  I haven't put anything in it for the last few years, but there is a garden shop near EJ's school and so last week I stopped in and got a few annuals to brighten things up in the front yard (I couldn't let me new chairs be the only color).  That trip was the first time I had ever shopped for garden flowers without my Mom there giving me advice.

The next day Matt was out of town and Liv at her last day of school.  I'm not sure what happened, but the next thing I know, I was at the store with a cart that looked like this!

I'm not sure what happened either, but for the next two days you could find me weeding and planting new perennials based on the amount of shade in their respective garden beds (that also came with the house) and finally mulching (something I have never done before).  And I was working, Olivia asked me questions and I realized that I actually knew the answers.  It was a little shocking, but I think I must have actually paid attention at some point while my Mom taught me gardening (in truth, did my gardening for me).  Total baby steps for me...but it's something.

So for now, I'm happy for the tiny steps I'm making outside our house, but I'm extra thankful for:
*My Grandma's irises (and lilies) that line our driveway, take no work, and look so beautiful all summer!
*Our amazing neighbors who include our kids in their square foot veggie gardening each year.
*My Mom who plants a special flower box with the kids each year (last year & the year before, I'll get a pic of this year's soon) & spent some extra time planting with EJ this year & teaching her some tips.  My kids do like getting dirty, and usually don't mind bugs, so I can only imagine what they might learn in the garden.
Karri said...

look at you go!!!!

mom said...

Never saw you take that picture. Your planter in the front looks beautiful. Good job kiddo. You may have to dig up those iris and split them as they are getting pretty crowded. Just gives you more of them. I remember, you as a child, never wanting to have dirty hands. Hope you have gotten over that now.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's in the air this year? I've NEVER had an interest in gardening, until now. I'm still not a big fan, but loved planting flowers in the boxes on our porch and getting those hanging things (see, I don't know what they're called!) for the front of the house and planting lots in there. I've asked Karri SO many questions about gardening. haha! We have tons of iris' too. They're pretty and huge!

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