Olivia's Dress Take 1

It's finished and as expected...it's short!  I finished Olivia's dress (pattern here, WIP here) this week and it will work with shorts underneath for awhile at least.  The yarn patterning really didn't work with the gauge switches, but at times the patterning is nice.  On the next one (in the colors I do like), I will go a lot longer on the skirt and increase the size of the arm holes (it fits, but they are a bit of a struggle for her to get into).  I really love the high-waist ruffle and the edging (so much in fact, that I will probably add it to the sleeves as well).

I should know better than to take photos upstairs, but that is where we were.  Ignore the terrible quality and also, Liv's bedhead...it was an early morning photo shoot.
Louise said...

Shame it's a bit short but I love the ruffles too. Your model looks lovely!

Protective Dad said...

Too Short

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