Orange You Glad? Volunteer Gifts

We still have one week of school left in these parts, but today was the last day of volunteering for the wonderful group of parents that help our school.  It my last year coordinating this bunch, and it can be tough to come up with something new each year.  It's a larger group, so I want to make it cute and fun, but also affordable.  Hopefully they liked this bright spot of orange hanging from their front door (especially after our rainy, gloomy week).

I apologize for the photo below, but the gloomy weather really did a number on my inside pics this week.  This is our assembly process which went super fast thanks to my helper (who is now 4 and actually very helpful these days).  Each bag had a few fun items inside as well as a little note of thanks...all orange of course!

Printable tag: Coley's Corner
Orange soap: KJ's Crafts
Chevron clothespin & baker's twine: Rachel's Soaps
Gum, drink mix, bracelet, bag: Target

I had planned to make bracelets to include in the bags but ran out of time and ended up finding some fill-ins.  I wasn't in love with them (and really wish I had made my own), but I had to make do.  Using the baker's twine to make a large loop at the top of the bag was perfect for hanging on all kinds of doorknobs.  It made the drop-off process so much easier!

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