Sports Seasons

Our sports seasons are changing over, so we're wrapping up soccer and Jack is beginning baseball.  It makes for some busy weekends (especially given that we are two weeks from the end of school as well), but lots of fun being a parent spectator/sideline cheerer.

Jack had his first baseball game of the season and as his team took the field, we realized Jack was pitching.  We were in coach pitch last year, so this switch was already a little weird, but to have Jack starting seemed even weirder.  He did great though and we're on a new team, so I've got some player names to study!

Soccer is coming to a close as well (although he has plenty of camps coming up this summer), so I brought my camera along to try to get a few good pics.  It was a good match-up, so I did only get a few photos because I wanted to watch more than take pics.  I love this next pic because none of them are actually standing on the ground.  Our team is on clearly always on the move!

EJ has just one more game and then she has decided to stop playing soccer.  I think it's a good choice for her.  She has so many interests that she really has reached a point where she has to make choices if she wants to try new things.  Also, much like her mother, she hates playing in the cold weather.  Mostly though, she just isn't as aggressive as she needs to be.  The top right photo is telling, she always seems like she's worried about getting in the way of the other players.  Very courteous, but not as diehard as needed (even in U6).

Opening day of baseball also earned us the first cones of the summer.  We also watched The Sandlot (first time for all of us) Saturday night with Jack and loved it.  This weekend was the perfect unofficial start to summer!

Unknown said...

Your kids are the cutest. Seriously, Olivia reminds me SO much of my little sister when she was that age. I need to find a pic to share with you. The red hair, the freckles.. so cute. And, yes that pic of EJ is SO telling.. haha. Too funny! This is our first year with the kids ever playing sports! Brookelyn just never had any interest in team sports and we weren't in a community that was as "friendly" as this one. We're excited for summer and will have to get together, I bet the kids would have fun!

Play Ball! said...

Yay for summer and outdoor activities! You did a great job capturing so good action pics. Not always easy! Even getting them to look at the camera with ice cream in their hands is impressive.

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