Work-in-Progress Wednesday 35

EJ gets a skirt, Olivia talks her way into a dress.  And not just one dress, but two...because I hate the colors she chose, so I agreed to make two so I could get to make a pretty one.  I decided to make her color scheme first so I can make adjustments on the one I like.  This one is going to be a little short (photo is cropped at her knees, so that's a lot of leg showing).  I could go back and fix it, but I'm thinking I will just leave it short and have her wear it with leggings (and it should gain some length from blocking/ironing as well).  And despite the Easter egg colors she picked, I think it's cute.

The next one will be in the green shown below on the bottom right.  I was trying to get her to agree to the blue as trim, but I think she is going to bully me into pink.

It might be a little while before I get to that dress though.  My other WIPs are for a VIP baby who decided to make her appearance 5 weeks early!  Lucky for her, she's adorable!
Mom said...

Well, Liv will surely look like spring and summer with both dresses. She's young and flirty..she chose just fine I think.

Louise said...

My kids always do this pick the colours I completely hate and no matter how much you try to convince them they just don't budge!

Anonymous said...

I have a really hard time getting my two to chose colors Id like! Sometimes I just start at night before they know... bad I know!

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