Butterfly Garden

We are not a house with pets (it's not that we don't like animals, just not more things to take care of), but every once in awhile we give in for a short time.  Olivia got a butterfly garden for her birthday as she was just the right age and we knew she was way to young to remember our last time raising butterflies.  It was such a big success!

The kids watched every second of the the caterpillars time with us and the watched the chrysalis like hawks waiting for them to emerge.

It was tight, but all the butterflies were ready for release the morning we left on a mini vacation.  Last time, our butterflies did not want to leave, but this time around they flew away very quickly.  My camera was acting up and they were fast, so there are just a few glimpses on actual butterflies in the pics below (near Jack's hand & EJ's knee).

Livie was so devoted to the caterpillars/butterflies.  She wanted to let them go, but she missed them immediately.  The pics below were about 30 seconds apart...joy as she watched the butterfly fly away from her hands and sadness as she waved goodbye to her friend.

Raising the butterflies was a great experience for all the kids.  Grandma included some books about butterflies with the garden gift and we read them all many times.  The kids helped make the sugar water for the butterflies and collected flowers from their gardens for them as well.  Yes, I might just get talked into doing this again next year,
Grandma said...

Aw Livie, I know how sad it can be to set your friends free. Keep an eye in your garden and yard..maybe you'll see them flying around the flowers and saying hi to you. You helped them get strong and turn into butterflies, so be happy for them that they can now fly all over the place and be happy...all because of how good you took care of them.
I love you, Grandma

The Circle of Life Continues said...

Even in Liv's happy picture you can tell she was crying just before that. What I range of emotions for that big hearted girl!

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