Duct Tape Pockets

The kids got their first allowance last night (chores went well this week) and I figured they needed a place to store their family cash, so we knew whose was whose and where it was living.  I looked on etsy and at Target for small coin purses, but anything I liked was kind of pricey.  I remembered seeing duct tape wallets, so I searched and found a great tutorial for duct tape pouches at Dukes & Duchesses. Super simple and really easy to make (for a grown-up or older kid).

We headed to Target to shop their fun duct tape choices.  I warned the kids that I didn't want to buy 6 rolls of tape, so they had to work together to use some of the same tapes, or buy their own.  I think you can see who caved on spending some money for special tape...that girl cannot resist Hello Kitty.  Matt said the kids were lucky he wasn't in charge of the project, because they would be using the grey stuff he had in his toolbox (hee hee!).

Of course, we now have plenty of duct tape for other projects, so I've been searching the web for some options and have found some really cute projects.
Duct Tape Purse
Duct Tape Hair Bow
Duct Tape Bookmarks
Duct Tape Woven Bag
Duct Tape Lanyard

I've also seen lots of projects wrapping items with the tape...water bottles, boxes, pencil cups.  This could be trouble...duct tape house!
AEK said...

M loves making things with duct tape. She has made a flower on top of a pen and her sit upon for brownies is made with duct tape (and a foam cushion). I will have to show this to her. Great ideas!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Your pockets turned out SO cute ... I love the mix of patterns! Thanks for linking back to my post!

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