EJ's Summer Do

EJ's got a brand new look!  Yep, that is dye on the ends of her hair.  Yep, my 6-year-old looks a little punk rock.  She loves it and so do I!

EJ has been obsessed with dying her ends pink ever since seeing photos of our friends Brookelyn and Norah with their aqua and purple ends.  Very cool!  If you are as interested as EJ was in recreating this look, check out this awesome step-by-step tutorial at Vintage Sunshine.

Luckily for us, Alyson (Brookelyn's momma, tutorial & hair diva, Vintage Sunshine creator) offered to help this momma out and do the dying process for us (and Norah's momma donated the pink dye to the cause...thanks Karri!)

First step, bleach out some of the black hair so the dye would show.  This is the step that tested EJ's patience a little (it takes time with that dark of hair), but as soon as she saw the light ends, the excitement was back!

The final result is super cute!  Her hair is both pink and orange (color variation because her hair never truly went all blond) and it's such a cute look.  The orange and pink look really good together and she she was so excited to show all her friends today at summer school.

I know it's kind of a big girl look, but it's summer and it's fun.  I won't give in on pierced ears yet, so I have to give a little somewhere, right?  Besides....look at that smile!
Emily said...

Coolest mom award! She looks super cute.

trish said...

she looks awesome! thank you for sharing the link too, i might try it when my hair grows out :D

Unknown said...

I'm so glad she likes it! That one streak goes up so high. Eek. Didn't realize that. haha. Definitely tried to have a little variation instead of the block at the bottom since we know you'll be having her hair chopped! ;) I actually LOVE the way the orange and pink turned out, we couldn't have managed that if we tried! She's just adorable.

But She's Just a Little Girl said...

It is pretty cool and she is super excited. You def get mom of the year award in her eyes. I have to admit she's getting older!

k said...

It looks SO GREAT! I love it.

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