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We are super lucky to have an amazing parks system in our area.  Unfortunately, because there are so many great parks, we had gotten very set in our ways and tended to visit the same parks over and over. Luckily for us, our Parks Department started a summer passport program last year (and it's back this year as well).  For a small donation, you get a passport with 16 park stops to visit...each has a stamp at the park for you to use to prove you were there.  At the end of the summer, you turn it in and win prizes (at least we did last year).

These passports have been great for getting us out of our comfort zone and all around our city.  I've done big walks with a kid in a stroller, short jogs with the kids, bike rides, and playground visits.  We've seen people skeet shooting, playing disc golf, golf & tennis, new swimming pools and splash pads.  We've spotted lots of animals we don't see in our own backyard and seen our lake from just about every vantage point there is.  Best of all, when we don't have plans on a weekend morning, we check the passport for a quick place to visit for a little outside time.

I know we are lucky to have these passports all ready for us (and our amazing parks system), but I remember a friend telling me that she and her kids made up their own list of playgrounds they wanted to visit one summer.  They spent the summer checking out new-to-them playgrounds and it was fun to explore each new space.  I highly encourage you to make your own Outdoor Passport and get outside to explore!
Just Don't Leave Your Hat Behind said...

I think EJ has developed her own Playground Passport. She keeps telling me about the different places she wants to go. Although I don't think she's filtered the list - just wants to go to every playground in the greater Milw area.

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