I'm not sure what it is, but suddenly I'm on a mission to tackle a bunch of house projects (maybe it's the garage mess outside making me go a little crazy?).  Tops on my list is the dining room chairs and the girls' room.

The dining room table and chairs are old.  In fact we bought them used from a family like ours who knew that someone was out there looking for a nice sturdy table set that they didn't mind their kids spilling and crafting on (and thereby wrecking).  The truth is that we have a gorgeous cherry table with white upholstered chairs in the basement.  It wouldn't make it through one meal without a spill, so we admitted defeat and "hid the good stuff."  That being said, the chair fabric has seen better days (oh and I think it's ugly as well), so I'm trying a DIY way out of my comfort zone.

We're heading to the fabric store this morning, but I've been doing some online browsing as well. There are a lot of patterns I like, but I feel a little limited by our color scheme and our messy children (not much white) and the cost (egads!).  We'll see what I end up with, but here are some possibilities (via Joann's)...

The girls room is a bunch of mini projects that I'm so excited to get going on.  Of course, I bought two prints for their walls ages ago (I think Liv was one at the time) and they are missing.  I am so mad at myself, but still hoping to find them!  The big issue is paint color for their room.  Everything in their room is pink (light to hot) and white.  I'm thinking a light/spring green would look good.  They think purple.  I don't want it to look like Barney threw up in there, but the room has always either been yellow or green (differing shades), so I do feel like we should mix it up.  Not sure...but I think green (or maybe periwinkle) is going to win.

(Project completion here)

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