Summer Housekeeping

I don't know about you, but I kind of let our house go a bit in the summer months.  I tend to let the mess get a little out of control, because I'd so much rather be soaking up the few months of warm weather we have and spending time with the kids (which is why I do Fall Cleaning instead of Spring Cleaning).  This year things have gotten even more out of control for a couple reasons.  One is that we are without a garage right now, so I have an office full of bikes and scooters and sidewalk chalk.  Another is that we had a mini flood in the office last week which soaked the contents on the junk drawers, so now many things are laying out to dry.  And finally...we gave the kids some chores for the summer.

I know it sounds as if the kids having their own chores would help rather than hinder (and in some instances it rocks), but I disagree.  The girls are in charge of the dining room table and floor each day.  You can see Liv method of sweeping above...perhaps we should outfit her with a swiffer skirt to truly get the job done?  Really the main issue is that we are super busy this summer.  It's hard to clean up and not take advantage of some downtime when we are actually at home.  We definitely let things slide this past week.

So yesterday I did a pretty good clean-up (you know, still kind of a mess, but passable), the kids got back into the swing of doing daily chores, and we instituted a major incentive for them to get the job done.  Everyone is getting a weekly allowance if they get their chores done.  We've never done this before and I'm not sure how it will go, but EJ finally broke us...Can I get earrings? When can I ride my bike with no training wheels? Can I have allowance?...She finally got a Yes!  Because the girls are so young and we want them to be in charge of their own money, we are paying everyone in Family Cash (seen below, download here).  They are usually with us, so if they want to buy something they can trade their Family Cash for an actual purchase.  I consider it a win-win...I don't have to start carrying cash and if they lose their allowance, they are only losing paper.  I'll report back once they earn some cash.

{Do not be concerned about the large dollar amounts here.  They are only earning Ones each week.  Jack is just a saver, so I thought I'd print some bigger bills to trade him so I can use the dollars again.}