Chairs and Curtains

The dining room chairs are finally finished and I love the pop of fun color between the wood of the table and the wood floors.  We had some issues with the staple gun being strong enough, but that gave my claw hand (from removing staples) time to recover before we moved to recovering.  They definitely aren't perfect, but they are 5000 times better than the old fabric.

It's no longer ripped, it's already been spilled on, but it's much more us!

So, now we have a little question for you.  I still have not gotten window treatments for the big window in our kitchen.  I think I'd like to have long ones like these made (I am not handy with the sewing machine) and I love how the pattern of the chair fabric goes with the color of the kitchen.  In fact, I really like it...but I'm not sure about it being matchy-matchy with the dining room.  And Matt really hates the idea of using the same fabric (we are not matchy-matchy kinds of people), but I love the look of the bold pattern in our very solid kitchen (dark cabinets, stainless appliances, green walls, white marble counters).  What do you think???
{thank you to my lovely assistant for standing on the counter and stretching her little arms for this pic}
mom said...

The walls do bring out the green in the material but the blue is kind of much, in my opinion.

AEK said...

The chairs turned out great! You did an awesome job. As for the curtains, I have no idea. The curtains we currently have came with the house and are original (from the 70's!) So yeah, once you decide what you are going to do, come over and decide for me too, OK?!

Fashion Schitzo said...

I like the chairs, worlds of improvement! The pattern for curtains gives a needed pop. I'm actually torn - I'm not a fan of matching the chairs in another room. However, any other bold pattern might clash with the chairs. Maybe doing the same is the way to go.

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