Cork and Duct Tape ... Girls' Room Redo 1

These lovely girls are getting their room refreshed.  Nothing major is getting changed (beds and bed linens are remaining the same), but the girls mentioned that parts of their room were still kind of babyish.  We agreed and so we're making it over...DIY-style.  Which means it will be done in baby steps.

Our first project involved the opposite side of their room.  As you can see, the girls have sloped ceilings on either side of the room.  One side hold their beds and the other has their closet-space.  Above the closets is a shelf and a weird flat vertical space.  Our project changed it from the top (before) to the bottom (after).

All it took was a little cork and duct tape...and a hack saw.  I think you can see why we have the cheap dining room table...the kids' eating/spilling habits and my weird crafting habits. I took rolls of cork contact paper and hacked them down to 10" tall (so I have three 8" rolls remaining if anyone needs them) and then cut them to length, so there were three even strips to fit the width of the closets.

Upstairs we removed the "baby" alphabet cards and were left with this loveliness (and the reason we need a fix for this space)...mirror tile!

Jack helped me up and the cork went up quite easily.  To cover the seams and hide the not perfectly matching edges, we used pink leopard print duct tape (chosen by Liv and EJ, of course).

Then we put all their stuff back up.  It's a lot...they may be hoarders.  We are probably going to weed things down a bit, but the quetzal is staying put!

Step by step without all the tchotchkes...

It's not perfect, but it's been deemed "big girl" by two little ladies in this household.

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Mom said...

You can really see what is on the shelf now. Before it was getting lost in the wallpaper behind. Good Job, Heather (and Jack).

Oblivious to Modern Crafting said...

Yikes - I forgot how aweful the mirror is behind. Anything is better than that. But I like the corkboard idea. Never knew they made that!

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