Giant Painting

It was the hottest afternoon we've had in a long time, but I promised the big painting project, so I was stuck.  Inspired by this post and helped along by awesome sales on acrylic paint and sheets, the kids set up the materials and set to work immediately.

The collaboration could have gone better.  Perhaps a full-sized sheet is not enough space for three strong-minded individuals to create their best mural.  In the end, they were very pleased with their work and gleefully showed off their zoo to several neighbors and their dad.

They came inside paint-covered and soaked from washing "their hands" in the hose, but it didn't take too long to wash off the remains of the flamingo, lion, panda, snake, giraffe, trees and flowers.
AEK said...

Neat idea! Any ideas what you will do with the work of art now? Just curious.

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