Lazy Day

We're having a lazy day around here with little bits of summer fun splashed into a lot of lazy.  Sundials and sun prints got started this morning, and chalk self-portraits are on the agenda for this afternoon.  I'm hoping to spend some time stitching outside while the little ladies read to me and Jack does some soccer/saxophone practice time.

The big buzz around this house is that we had frozen yogurt for lunch and the kids are making our family dinner tonight.  Nothing fancy, but they planned it all.  And I know that I'll probably be doing a lot of it anyway, but it's Friday night so I won't feel too bad about a glass of wine while I supervise.

This weekend's schedule is a little crazy, but I'm hoping to get some time to start widdling away at my to do list.  I need to make a shrug for EJ's school photo outfit, plan an almost 10-year-old's birthday party (around a "not so set in stone" soccer schedule), get the girls' activities scheduled, cut a lot of tulle for the girls' room, maybe paint, get the additional items on EJ's new school supply list (new teacher, random last-minute new list), etc.

I did manage to finally take the kids to get their Backpack Buddies from Grandma.  And yes, Livie got two of the same for her backpack, one for home.

10 more days of summer...
Janette said...

That last photo is so cute!

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