Punk Wig (Awesome Book)

We read the book, Punk Wig, this week and had to share how much we loved it!  EJ read Aggie the Brave, and fell in love with Aggie and Ben and their silly adventures.  In my search for all books written by Lori Ries we found Punk Wig.  We were very lucky to happen upon such a great book.

Punk Wig is the story of a little boy and his mom who is undergoing chemotherapy.  She loses her hair and they head out to buy her a wig.  They buy the punk wig...it's spikey, it's bright orange, it's fun!  I really love how the book treats both the hard days and the good ones for both the mom and the boy.  It discusses a very scary subject for kids and without discounting the tough times, shows that the person you love is still who they have always been, just sick.  They still want to have fun with you and have fun while owning their sickness...in a leather jacket and a punk wig.

Both girls loved this book, so I really do think it's appropriate for all ages.  My kids really enjoyed reading it and I imagine it would be great for a kid whose family is dealing with cancer.