Shopping for Others

Last week we spent the better part of the afternoon at our amazing Children's Hospital.  Livie had been having eye problems and we were sent to the specialist to figure things out (more allergy trouble it seems).  We are extremely lucky to live so close to one of the best hospitals for kids in the country...just a few miles away.  We've spent lots of time in it's urgent care, two of our kids have had surgeries there, and I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for everything they did for my niece, so...we try to give back every summer and this appointment seemed like the perfect time to do it.

The kids had a $10 limit and a wish list from the hospital.  They made their choices based on things they would like to play with themselves and I think they chose some great things for the kids at the hospital.

They had a lot of fun shopping and trying to pick the best items.  The also really enjoyed delivering the bags.  EJ asked if I thought kids had already gotten their donations when we left the doctor's office.  I told her it might be a little too quick for that to have happened.
{my annual blurry delivery photo}

I think that having the kids shop for their own donation items really makes a connection to the donation.  Sometimes we give them the money (as in this case) and sometimes they use their own money (as they did with a recent school supply drive).  It is best to look at the organizations website before you shop to determine what items are most needed and also items that should not be donated.  We always head out with a "wanted" list and choose from there.

Shopping/Donation ideas:
-local hospital
-humane society
-food pantry
-school supplies
-homeless/family shelter
You Can See the Excitement in Their Eyes said...

Liv's hair looks really red - sorry, orange - in the doctor photos. I hope the redness goes away soon. They did good on their $10! Got a lot of stuff to donate!

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